How to play: Use WASD or arrow keys to move your unit. Left click to use items, press B to buy weapons and upgrades, press N to hide your name, and press M to play the background music.

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Play 10waves1boss.io unblocked free at school now! Among io game with tower defense concept, 10waves1boss.io free is a unique title with a wide range of monster waves to defeat. All of your defensive skills will be truly challenged here. You have to work with other players to stop the monsters from destroying your base. The game starts in a small wooden house where the waves have started. You can use the glock or the baseball bat to defeat the monsters. There are some guns available for you to use as well, but they are more suitable for killing monsters that have a higher HP bar. So, it’s quite good to use the melee weapons to defeat some first waves while saving guns for the tough waves later. You will gain points after killing monsters. Use the points to get better weapons and more upgrades from the shop to boost your strength. Can you survive all waves of monsters? Try it now!

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