Alien Attack

How to play: Use keys WASD for the movements. Use the mouse for looking around the map.

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About Alien Attack

Alien Attack

Alien Attack is an RPG game in which you can choose to become an astronaut or an alien with different missions. For the human, your main job is to walk through a large spaceship finding all the aliens that are hiding at somewhere. During the quest, you shouldn’t forget to collect some weapons because you will need them to destroy the aliens when you know where they are. But for the alien, you have to run away from the astronauts and never give them a chance to find you. Also, you must change the other team to your cause too. You are advised to be on the lookout for the surroundings since the human team can attack you anytime. This can’t be a joke, and you shouldn’t underestimate your opposing team. Whichever side you are one, make sure you always play with good strategies, defeat the rivals and try to conquer the game.

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