How to play: Move around the map using keys A/D or left/right arrow keys. Use key W or up arrow key to jump, use the left mouse to fire, the right mouse for performing a melee attack, and the middle mouse to release a grenade.

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About surely keeps you glued for hours for not only its addictive gameplay but also its cool 2D graphics. Give this multiplayer shooting game a try now! Before entering the arena, you can pick from several different characters, and every single of them is armed with unique advantages and disadvantages. When the battle has begun, you will have to focus on killing as many enemies as possible using your weapons. Aside from that, don’t even forget to develop your own smart strategies and utilize them to outsmart other players easily without using too much effort. However, you still have to defend yourself from their attacks. If you soak massive damage from them, you will end up getting destroyed. Be sure to always play with good tactics, survive for as long as possible and end up as a pro conquering the whole arena! Join the game now! Have fun! Wish you luck!

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