How to play: Left click to attack enemies, right click to combine the fishes and hold it to eat. Zoom in/out using the mouse wheel scroll.

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About unblocked is an ocean io game about fishes seeking out the ultimate domination in a huge ocean. Set in the deep sea, you are a small fish making your way through the map eating as many scattered foods as possible to increase your body. As you grow larger, you can build a big army for yourself. Keep eating foods until your army increases its size, which makes you stronger a lot. Now, you will be able to engage in conflicts to kill all enemy fishes directed by other human players. Merge your fishes to make much more powerful variants and use them to defeat other players before they have a chance to attack you. Keep growing your army as well as protecting yourself from the dangers around until you get to the top spot on the leaderboard to become the best fish. Are you ready for it? Play free online right now!

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