How to play: Move your character using WASD, interact with items using key E, use the spacebar or click the left mouse to attack.

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You are going to set out an awesome yet challenging adventure in unblocked – a unique io game online with simple controls and addicting gameplay. strategy game welcomes all players from across the world to come and enjoy. You can launch the game title in your browser for free. Since there are many quests waiting for you ahead in, you should have your skills with strategies ready to vanquish all of them. As an explorer, you will make your way through the open world to discover many wonderful places. Although these places are worth discovering, you still have to be careful with them as they can pose threats to you. On your way, you will encounter other adventurers. They can be your friends, your enemies, or even frenemies. Whoever they are, just make sure you protect yourself from them, and when you have a chance to kill them, just take it. Will you become the best adventurer in free game online?

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