How to play: Use WASD to move around the map, left click to fire, and change the weapons by using the number keys.

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Battle Royale 2D io game is a top-down multiplayer shooting game centering on a big battle. You are going to meet new opponents in this survival game and this will be also a nice chance for you to perfect your shooting ability. The whole Battle Royale free online is set in deep outer space containing a wide range of mysterious places to discover. Prepare some skills with good plans in advance so you can use them to cope with all dangerous situations. You can pick a good area on the map before jumping into the fray. Once you are in the arena, try to aim and gun down on your enemies using your given pistol. But when you make progress, you will have to find other better weapons or even new equipment so you can finish off the tough enemies. As in most other free online battle royale games, the main goal of this title is to become the last survivor standing on the ground.

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