How to play: Direct the movement of your Bomberman using the arrow keys. Drop a bomb using the spacebar.

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With a wide range of awesome features and addictive gameplay, unblocked promises to be as good as other classic Bomberman games in the io games series. You become a Bomberman roaming the map to hunt down enemies and kill them all with your bombs. It will not be easy to get close to the enemies first as there are many obstacles hindering your way. You can use the bombs to destroy them. Once they have exploded, they will drop a lot of power-ups which can be collected and used for making yourself stronger. When the enemies are around you, you can push them into a corner and trap them with your bombs. Stay away from their bombs or even your own ones, otherwise, you will be blown up. To win online, you have to become the last Bomberman standing on the ground and dominate the leaderboard. Let’s join the game to perfect your skills now!

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