How to play: Move your bot using WASD or arrow keys. Click the left mouse, right mouse or spacebar to deal damage to the enemies.

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Prepare yourself for an epic robot war in unblocked! You and other players have to fight one another in a tough arena. Once the bot fight commences, make your way through the map controlling your single bot carefully. When enemy bots show up, quickly destroy all of them before they get away or before they are able to kill you. There are over 20 exclusive abilities that you can equip to your bot, making it stronger than ever. You can combine these abilities to generate an unbeatable bot for yourself too. Make sure you always pay attention to your surroundings as the rival bots can get stronger when the battle progresses further. You should develop your smart strategies then exploit them all to get an upper hand on other players, which gives you a higher chance at winning. Think you can become the most feared bot in the arena? Much fun with game now!

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