How to play: Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Use the spacebar to jump and use the left mouse to attack.

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About is the second chapter of game with more features. You must be ready for another battle between zombies and humans, which is very hard to conquer since the toughness of the game is much more increased. You enter the fight as a human or a zombie, and each side has its own objective. If you belong to the zombie team, you must wander around the map spreading viruses to infect all humans. Once they get infected, they will transform into zombies, which makes your team bigger in size. For the human team, you have to find objects on the ground and use them to hide all the zombies as well as void their viruses. Make sure you barricade yourself from the zombies carefully. The team with the last member alive on the ground at the end of the match will make that team win the match. Play unblocked now!

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