How to play: Use the mouse for moving your car, and throwing your flail at enemies.

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About is a new Multiplayer game that is drawing the attention of various players online. If you are interested in this kind of iO game, you should feel free to play and check it out. Different from other previous iO games, instead of controlling a certain creature or an entity, now, you will direct a car equipped with a flail behind. You need to roam around the map carefully and use that flail to destroy other players when they are close to you. Make sure you throw the flail carefully, or use your skill to smash them against the wall, and you can launch a surprise attack to them as well. While trying to kill the enemies, you have to defend your own car and your flail as well. The foes can attack and destroy you following the same way as you did to them. So protecting your car is a must. Try to kill further opponents to increase your mass and become stronger! Good luck!

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