Bullet Town

How to play: Direct the movement of your character using WASD. Use the left mouse to fire, use the right mouse or key E to collect an item, and use key R to reload.

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About Bullet Town

Bullet Town

Play Bullet Town free unblocked anytime you want! If you are seeking out a new and challenging shooting game to master your skill, then Bullet Town free can be a good game for you. The whole game is set in a town where players must shoot down each other for a chance of being the mayor of the town. It will not be easy to kill them, hence, you must arm yourself with some good strategies and tactics in advance so you can deal with tough opponents. Furthermore, it’s good to collect new weapons and items. You can make use of them to inflict even more damage on other players, making them unable to attack you back. You should try using an awesome bazooka that helps deal huge splash damage. Try not to let others ambush you, or else it will be hard to survive. Remember to gather the most cast at the end of the round so you can become the mayor.

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