How to play: Use A/D to move your character, key W to accelerate, key S to reverse, and the spacebar to accelerate.

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About BumpyBall.io


BumpyBall.io free is a soccer game online that welcomes players from around the world, especially the fans of soccer. You will join many 5vs5 online matches in which you can hone your soccer skill and compete against other players. When you spawn in the match, you must move around the map carefully and try to pass the ball then move it down the field as fast as possible so you can get it into the goal of the enemy. You must watch out for your surroundings and use your strategies to stop the opponents from scoring. If you let them, they will earn scores and take the victory. Make sure you outplay all of them and earn yourself as many scores as possible for the top rank on the leaderboard as well as for the champion title. Are you ready for the matches? Let’s join Bumpyball.io game right now and earn yourself a huge amount of fun!

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