Buzzy Bees

How to play: Move your bee using WASD, use keys 1-8 to interact with an item, the left mouse to use items or fire, key B for the upgrade menu and key T for the team menu.

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About Buzzy Bees

Buzzy Bees

Buzzy Bees unblocked is a bee multiplayer io game in which you wander around the map gathering as much pollen as possible to make a huge amount of honey. Buzzy Bees free online game will also pit you against multiple other enemy bees controlled by real human players. So, you have to prepare some strategies in advance to conquer them all. Every single thing you do, such as placing your Hive, or gathering pollen, try to do it carefully and sometimes use your strategies to outwit the opponents. Since the goal here is to become the best bee on the server, everybody will not miss any chances to fight one another. You have to prove your skills as well as keep yourself more upgraded through over time and survive for a long enough time to become the most dangerous bee. Join Buzzy Bees game online in your browser right now! Have a blast with it!

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