How to play: Direct the movement of your cell using the mouse, press the spacebar to divide it, press W to feed, Q to perform a double split, and T to perform a maximum split.

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About Cellz.io


Cellz.io free online is one of the most entertaining Agar.io clones. With similar gameplay mechanics but with new features and more challenges, you will definitely love to play Cellz.io unblocked at school. You take on the role of a small cell walking around the map to eat smaller cells that are dotted on the ground. These cells are automatically generated, so feel free to eat them as much as you can until you get to the big size. Then, you can go eat other smaller cells directed by real human players while protecting yourself from getting eaten by the bigger ones who are also wandering around you too. Things will be over once you get eaten, causing the game to be restarted. Hence, it’s better to defend yourself and survive for as long as possible until you get to the highest spot on the leaderboard. Much fun with Cellz io game online!

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