How to play: Pick a tile using the mouse, move with WASD, build a castle using key 1, place dynamite using key 2, clear all moves using key Q, clear the last move using key E, and split your army in half using key Shift.

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About unblocked is 100% free strategy RPG game online with simple controls and great gameplay. It’s all about a commander trying to take over all enemy commanders and making his territory much larger. Have your skills ready for all of these challenges in free online game now. You will start with just a small realm, now, you must make it bigger by claiming more lands on the map. But to claim these lands, you have to defeat the enemies because they also want those lands. Try to deploy your units then send them out into the battle to slay all rivals with your good tactics, once the enemies are defeated, you can capture their lands. Make sure you also develop your strategies and utilize them during the course of the fight so you can defeat other players easily. Think you can establish your dominance in the arena? Play free game now!

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