How to play: Move your helicopter around the map using WASD, use the mouse to aim and fire, use E or X for the special abilities.

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Get ready to fly around in skies with your helicopter in a fun io game called unblocked! Are you up for a chance of becoming a pilot? This is the right time to present your piloting skill. You will be up against many rivals from around the world in the sky battle. With the helicopter in your hands, move it around the battlefield carefully trying to dish out as much damage to enemies as possible while defending yourself from taking their shots. You must stay focused on the game as well as always have some strategies ready to deal with the tough opponents. Also, you have to upgrade your helicopter with a wide range of new weapons, like fast-shooters, grenades, snipers, multiple cannons and more. Do whatever it takes to remain alive and put all of your efforts into the battle to reach the top spot on the leaderboard. Play in your browser for free now!

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