How to play: Use WASD to perform the movement, press the spacebar to jump, use the left mouse to fire, the right mouse to scope, press TAB to open the inventory, and use number keys 1-5 to change items.

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About unblocked is a cool io game featuring Minecraft and Fortnite elements. Get ready for epic challenges in online then see if you can reach the top. There are two ways for you to play the game: either using the pickaxe to dig and hide into the ground or creating stairs to get to high ground. You are armed with a sniper, a pickaxe, dynamite, and 20 stairs. If you take option 1, you will change to the pickaxe and try to hit the blocks around you to dig a hole or tunnel then get into it. But if you take option 2, you must quickly build stairs, climb them carefully until you get to high ground. Then, you will change back to your sniper to shoot your enemies. The more you kill, the more points and loots you get. You aim to become the top player in game. Have fun!

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