How to play: The mouse is used for directing your ships. Use the spacebar or click mouse to fire, key S to speed up.

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About Daud.io


Daud.io is a space-themed battle game revolving around a brutal fight between you and other online players. You take control of a fleet around in space in an attempt to attack your opponents as well as wipe them out before they deal damage to your fleet. At first, your fleet is very small, and it only contains some basic ships. But through over time, the fleet will become larger, also, you will unlock more ships that are much stronger. The only way of strengthening your fleet is to destroy the enemy fleets as well as gather more special power-ups. Once you have become stronger, you will find it much easier to take on the enemies, especially the tough ones. You should defend the fleet during the course of the fight, once soaking damage, you may end up as the loser! Can you build your ultimate dominance in space? Play the game now!

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