How to play: Press Left Mouse to move, Right Mouse to sprint, Space to transform into a fake tree

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About dinoman.io


dinoman.io is one of the classic survival game unblocked at school. Jump into a dangerous adventure in a strange place and defend your little dinosaur from all enemies. Connect to the server and you can embark on searching for eggs and coins. The food and that valuable resource will allow you to rank up and dominate the leaderboard.

Your beast in dinoman.io online will spin always and it can be hard for you to move him in the direction that you want. Aside from finding food, you are able to eliminate somebody on the path by rushing at them. When you gather enough items in dinoman.io free, you will unlock another level and you have the chance to purchase upgrades. While roaming throughout the area, you can change into a fake tree. It’s useful to avoid deadly hits. Besides, you can hide below the real ones and jump out to surprise the target. Attempt to progress and stay alive!

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