How to play: Use the mouse to select themes and draw, keys to enter the answer

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About is a fun strategy io game free for all to play and compete with multiple rivals online. It will be a cool 1v1 match. Connect with a random challenger from anywhere around the real world. Aside from being a normal player, you will have the chance to unleash your drawing ability. To become the winner in the coming competition, you need to gain the highest score before you run out of time.

Engage in the challenge of unblocked and show up your own skills to draw and guess words. If you are a drawer, you are able to pick out the theme you like most to start to give hints. Like the classic, do not display everything you see! Or your point can be reduced. In case you are a guesser, you should observe what the other person performs. Additionally, you have to type the answer correctly and quickly. When you own an account, you can earn XP and Coins to buy items.

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