How to play: Use the mouse to move your dragon around the map.

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About Drakes.io


Drakes.io unblocked is a nice multiplayer battle game about dragons. If you love to explore this legendary creature and want to perfect your fighting skill, check Drakes.io game out right now! In this title, you direct a dragon around a huge map. Since the size of your dragon is small when you spawn in the map, you must increase it by burning down a lot of objects scattered on the ground. The more you burn, the bigger you are, giving you more strength to take on enemies. Watch out for your surroundings during the course of the fight! If you have no strategies to cope with tough players or plans to defend yourself, you will not be able to survive, and the game can be over for you. Keep flying your dragon around the map as well as get through all challenges for a chance of reaching the top rank on the leaderboard! Have fun with Drakes.io free online game!

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