How to play: Use WASD to move your ship, exit the ladder or jump using the spacebar. Click the left mouse to interact with objects, the right mouse to use items, press Q to drop an item, use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom, C for a fast zoom, Enter for chatting, and use Tab to open the scoreboard. 

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About Drednot.io


In a challenging battleship game called Drednot.io unblocked, you have to build up a big ship for an epic battle between you and other online opponents. You can select the type of ship you like and add a lot of guns with equipment to it before jumping into the fray. Try your best to turn the ship into a big one, or if you do want to have a massive one, you can work with other friends. Once your ship is ready, use it to deal damage to the opponents as you prowl through the map. Watch out for your surroundings as you move and always have your guard on so you can cope with the attacks from your enemies. Your strategy is important. You will need it a lot to get an upper hand on other players. In case you play with a team, make sure you help your teammates then get their support to overcome the challenges. Drednot.online is a very fun free game for all players. Come to play it now!

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