How to play: Control your character by using keys WASD. Tap spacebar to set bombs.

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About Dstruct.io

Get ready to cause some destruction and go kill a lot of enemies in Dstruct.io game now! This is a fun Multiplayer iO game online that can be similar to Bomberarena.com or Minesweeper game in some points, but still, it will present to you a unique gameplay and different features. In the game, you need to roam around the playfield in order to place your bombs nearby the opponents then blow them up in just a bit. It’s much better if you move behind the enemies and when they stay unaware, you should plant the bombs quickly to trap them and get them stuck. They won’t be able to make a fast escape if you follow that way. While moving, you should collect the power-ups on your way and make use of them to strengthen yourself and become more powerful. You have to survive all the attacks and stay alive longer to take the dominance! Good luck!

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