How to play: Use the mouse, arrow keys, or joypad to direct the movement of your duck around the map.

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About Ducklings


If you want to play another game like, then you may want to try Ducklings unblocked free in your browser. The game is fun, incredible, and awesome to master. You take on the role of a little duck wandering around a huge map to rescue a lot of ducklings and take them back to the nest safe. On your way, your swarm of ducks will come across many enemy ducks. You’d better have some strategies ready to cope with them as they will take any chances they have to take your ducks and defeat you. Protect your swarm at all costs! At the same time, do your best to kill the enemies before they harm you. The more ducks you save, the more points you earn, which brings you to the top of the leaderboard. Are you ready to fight off enemies in Ducklings free game? Much fun with it!

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