How to play: Use the left mouse to choose your planets. Use arrow keys or WASD for moving around the map. Use the spacebar to jump to your home planet.

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About Fleats.io


In a huge galaxy in Fleats.io, you will compete against multiple enemies in order to conquer more planets as well as develop your galaxy. This space-themed strategy IO game provides you with swarms of ships that you can send from this planet to another one for capturing the entire galaxy. You should pinpoint the planets that you are targetting then quickly go capture them before they belong to other players. When someone tries to attack you, send out your units into the fight to defeat them, saving your life. Also, you can outwit all other players using your excellent strategies. The best tip for you here is to focus on the larger planets as they produce more ships at a faster speed, and the key to winning here is the middle of the map, go there for more fun if you want! Join the game now! Good luck to you!


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