How to play: Click the left mouse to spin and click the right mouse to throw your weapons at enemies.

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About FOWz


FOWz unblocked opens a new fight with epic challenges and enemies to conquer. Have your fighting skills ready for FOWz free game online now. Once you have stepped into the arena of it, you must quickly destroy many objects to eliminate your rivals. The more destruction you carry out, as well as the more kills you collect, the higher the score you will earn. You can expect that enemies will try their best to attack you in the same way, and once they do, try to dodge them quickly using a spin attack that assists you to repel a lot of objects that are blowing up around you. Do not take damage from any enemy attacks, otherwise, your game will be over. As you progress, you can get new characters with cool items from the shop and use them to refill your stamina or to have even more strength. There is only one objective in FOWz online, which is to approach the top rank on the leaderboard. Can you do it?

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