Happy Snakes

How to play: Use the mouse for the movement. Click the left mouse button to speed up.

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About Happy Snakes

Happy Snakes

Will you be able to conquer all the challenges in a fun Snake game called Happy Snakes? Let’s give it a shot now then grab this chance to show off your abilities. In this Slither Style IO game, you have to control a little snake around the map and try to grow your size by absorbing as many glowing dots as possible. They are all dispersed around on the floor. The more dots you consume, the longer you are, meaning you will be able to wipe out other snakes easily. You should utilize your long body to encircle them, block their path, force them to crash into you then take them out. Always perform your swift maneuveres, use your smart strategies to outplay all opponent snakes, stay alive for as long as posisble then build your ultimate dominance. Are you up for this adventure? Let’s join this Snake game right now!

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