How to play: Use arrow keys to move the ball and bounce it through the arena in the game.

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About HoppingBalls.io


With an awesome game called HoppingBalls.io, you can hone your bouncing and racing skills through challenges. Your task here is to direct a ball through a challenging track where you will meet opponents as well as come across obstacles. The goal for you is to pass all of them without touching any obstacles, otherwise, your game will be over. To beat the enemies standing in your way, try your hardest to bounce faster, which helps you leave them behind, and they cannot pass you. But if you meet tough rivals, you should use tricks and schemes to cope with them. The faster you bounce, the higher the score you will earn. Keep up with your good work so you can get more points and grow your rank to the top of the leaderboard. Are you ready to become the best bouncing ball in HoppingBalls.io game? Play it now! Have a lot of fun!

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