How to play: Move your character with keys WASD. Direct the camera, select enemies, allies to attack by using the mouse. Use keys 1-4 for selecting skills.

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Prepared yourself to fight for supremacy, dominance and the strongest power in Hordes.io. Don’t skip this Multiplayer iO game if you are interested in team-based battles. The game sets in a unique 3D world where lots of monsters and tribes rule. You will join one of the tribes and team up with your people in order to become the winner of the fights. Try to move around the surroundings, and use your weapons cleverly to kill the monsters as well as remove other opponents. The more you kill, the more gold you will earn. Then, you can spend your earned gold on various amazing upgrades that can boost your strength and help you kill the foes more efficiently. You should remember to work with other people in your tribes so that you can take down the enemies easily. The game features some classes for your selection, such as a mage, a ranger, a healer or a warrior. Pick one and launch your adventure!

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