How to play: Use the mouse to navigate your snake

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About Inky


Inky is a slither style iO game with some amazing twists. It’s completely free for all ages to play! Control a snake and eat as much as possible to turn into the biggest creature on the server!

Inky has the gameplay as same as In the new arena, you will meet up with tons of enemies online. Do not bump into anybody! Otherwise, you will explode. Try to protect the head carefully! If you are a newbie in Inky unblocked, you can choose to find food. Consume the treats and you are able to grow longer. Especially, your ranks will be improved. Do not forget to hunt down other rivals when you are ready! Their remains will be a good resource to increase your mass significantly. It’s feasible to apply the old tips and tricks of the original to cut off the target! Select the skin you want and hop into the battle right now!

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