How to play: Use arrow keys or mouse to direct your kart. Make a turbo boost by using the right mouse button. Tap spacebar to click left mouse button to shoot.

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Become the best racer ever in Kartwars.io! Feel free to play this Multiplayer iO game and take a chance to prove your excellent driving skills. You will direct your own car and go battle against many other racers. Try to move around the map carefully, snatch up some weapons and use them wisely to remove a lot of enemies once you see them. Be sure that you take them out as fast as possible, or else they will kill your first, causing your game to come to an end. If you want to boost your strength, some power-ups can help you a lot, such as a lightning cloak, a time bomb and so forth. Another risk that can destroy your car is crashing into other vehicles of other enemies. Colliding with them will be your end immediately. So, you must keep an eye on them and defend yourself all the time. Are you up for this? Play the game now!

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