How to play: Move your killer using WASD or arrow keys. Press Z to kill and X to interact.

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About unblocked is a tough killer simulator game online where you become a silent killer taking on a big mission. You will come to a Halloween party full of people but you don’t come there to enjoy it, you come to kill the people there. Make your way through this adventure of killing and hiding bodies then see if you can complete the mission. Since you are a silent killer, you need to make sure that people will not catch you in the act. You must take any chances you have to kill as many people at the Halloween party as possible without them knowing. If you get caught, the game will be over. Pay attention to your surroundings and always have some strategies prepare so you can deal with tough situations. Every action you do should be careful and done in a strategic way. Will you kill all people at the Halloween party in free game? Play it now! Have fun!

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