How to play: Perform the movement using WASD, use the mouse to fire, spacebar to jump and key E to collect items.

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Put your surviving skill to a test one more time with Krunt io unblocked game and hone your skill through a lot of challenges! game will be the best 2D shooter io game that pits you against a host of online enemies in a huge map where survival is the thing that everybody aims to get. When you spawn in the map, nothing is more important than protecting yourself. But first, you have to move around the game area to find some weapons, items, equipment and even health kits. Arm yourself with these things so you can win over the enemies and eliminate them out of the battle. Watch out for your surroundings all the time during the course of the battle, stay in the best condition possible, keep yourself alive for a long enough time so you can have a better chance at winning. You will win if you are the last one standing on the ground. Good luck with game!

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