How to play: Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Toggle your inventory using F, press the left Shift to run, press Enter to chat, left click to attack, right click for doing actions, press 1-8 to change the active item in the quick inventory, press Q to release active items, use Esc to close the active window or open the game menu.

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About Mine-Craft.io


A fan of Minecraft games will definitely love to play Mine-Craft.io unblocked! Give it a shot now to hone your building skill and see if you can create a big kingdom! Mine-Craft.io free game puts you in the shoes of a free builder. You are able to generate a big world following your own way. To create it, the first thing you must do is to pick up some resources when making your way through the map. Then, you have to use them to build houses. While doing the mission, stay watchful for the mobs at night or even some aggressive players that want to beat you. They aim to destroy your buildings, so you must protect them at all costs. Don’t forget to defend yourself either! You can come to the middle area which is a safe place. Use your smart strategies to outplay all of them and survive for a long enough time until you become the best player in Mine-Craft.io game! Much fun with it!

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