How to play: Move with WASD or arrow keys. Use the left mouse to assault or mine. Use the number keys for changing the item, key E to open the crafting menu and key Shift to sneak.

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About MineRoyale.io


Present your mining ability in a fun yet tough Strategy Battle Royale game called MineRoyale.io! The game is also pretty much inspired by Minecraft, but you will have a new experience! You need to have your mining skill ready when roaming through the map to mine a lot of resources, such as iron, gold, and diamonds. After earning some resources, you should craft them into advanced tools, armor as well as powerful weapons before the forcefield shrinks. Make use of those crafted items to deal damage to the rivals and kill everything in sight while defending yourself from their attacks. Watch out for the shrinking danger zone! Do not get caught, or get attacked by someone else, otherwise, your game will be over. Make sure you always have enough equipment to beat the enemies and stay alive until the end to become the best miner of all! Good luck to you!

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