How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD or the left mouse for moving or interacting. Use the number keys for actions.

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About puts you in the shoes of a powerful queen honey bee and brings you a lot of tasks to do. This Strategy IO game is all about building your territory and keep it developed through over time for your ultimate dominance. As a queen honey bee, you need to direct your workers and let them do some missions, such as foraging flowers for nectar and pollen, nursing your brood to generate more other workers, building multiple cells onto your hive and helping you fight against other wicked wasps or even other players who also take on the roles of queen honey bees. All of those mentioned aspects need to be managed in a skillful way, and try not to cause any mistakes during the work, or else you won’t be able to beat your opponents. You should develop your strategies and use them to outwit other players! Good luck to you!

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