How to play: Use keys WASD to move, use the mouse to look around. Click left mouse or spacebar to pick up items or assault. Use keys 1-9 to choose items.

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Join another awesome Multiplayer iO game called to begin a fierce battle against various players from other countries! In this game, your main basic task is to create a farm and do whatever it takes to defend it from the attacks of enemies. Your farm will help you earn more points in order to reach the top of the leaderboard. There are some rocks, bushes, or trees scattering around the playfield, go harvest all of them so that you can create more buildings and awesome stuff that help you boost your points and make you stronger for defending the farm. Do not let other enemies get an edge over you! This will easily happen if you keep concentrating on collecting resources without keeping an eye on your farm. Try to launch your attack to their farms, and take them out of them more quickly! See if you can become the real ace of the around or not!

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