How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Click the left mouse to fire, spacebar to jump and key Shift to sprint.

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About n00b.io


Noob.io is an enchanting and amusing first-person shooter survival game. Jump into it now then see how you will tackle with your enemies through many challenges. You will make your way through a world that follows the Minecraft style world with awesome pixelated graphics. Don’t forget to pick the class of the fighter that you like before jumping into action. Your class is armed with special weapons! You should utilize them to defeat the enemies. Try your best to deal as much damage as possible while defending yourself from soaking massive damage from their attacks. During the course of the fight, don’t forget to watch your ammo count and attempt to reload in plenty of time. In addition, you should find some strategic spots that can be used as a nice hideout when you’re in danger and unable to deal with the enemies. Your goal is to become the champion fighter!

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