How to play: Use the left mouse to fire, the right mouse to drop nectar, and middle mouse button to stop or move.

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About is a Strategy Multiplayer game set in mazes where you have to go search for nectar. The game pits you against many opponents, and you must defeat them all using your abilities. You roam through the complex mazes trying to gather as much nectar as possible to grow your score or feed your nests and progeny. This won’t be an easy quest at all when you will come across many opponents who are doing the same task just like you. You should become aggressive and cunning to defeat them all as well as try to acquire nectar from them. Throughout the course of the game, you should expand your territory by searching for more unoccupied nutritious areas. In addition, don’t forget to manage your resources, build more minions, recruit more units then let them help you build the territory even more. You should earn as many scores as possible to become the ultimate winner!

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