How to play: Move around the map using WASD, use the spacebar to jump, press Shift to run, click the right mouse to aim, click the left mouse to shoot, use keys 1-2 to choose a weapon, and use Q to choose the next weapon, press R for reloading your weapons, press Enter for chatting, press Esc or Tab for opening the menu.

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In unblocked, you must get ready to become a skilled hunter hunting all enemies and kill them all for victory. There are plenty of free io games in browsers for you to play, but make sure you will not skip game. With two game modes: team deathmatch and free for all, together with awesome features, you will surely love it. In team deathmatch, you will help your allies fight off the rival team and earn the best score to win. When you join the free for all mode, your mission is to slay all other players by yourself. Do whatever it takes to protect yourself and stay alive until you are the last person on the ground at the end of the match, and that’s when you become the winner. Are you a real hunter? Show the world what you’ve got now! Have a blast with it!

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