How to play: Control the camera using WASD. Click the left mouse to occupy.

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About Occup4fun


Occup4fun is taken in limited space where players have to try to build their own territories for a chance of ruling the entire arena. Give this fast-paced strategy game a shot and put your skills to a test. You will control your character around the map in an attempt to capture as many tiles as possible. Your opponents are doing the same, you need to let your realms get boxed by them. Once you have earned points from conquering the tiles, you can spend them capturing other players’ tiles to expand your territory even more. However, you still need to watch out for your surroundings all the time as getting ambushed is easy to happen, and once you get ambushed, your game may come to an end. Develop your own smart strategies to outwit all enemies then build your dominance in the arena. Jump into the game now! Wish you luck!

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