How to play: Control the movement of your paper using arrow keys, WASD, or mouse.

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About 2 2 2 online is the next version of game about capturing territory on the map to build up a big kingdom. You are going to hone your capturing skill a lot in this Paperio2 free unblocked where you compete against many rivals from around the world. After spawning in the map, try your best to move carefully capturing as much territory as possible then connect it back to your main area to expand it. As you move, you will see that there are many other players doing the same task. Quickly eliminate them using your tricks before they can harm you. Try to make them run into your tail while you must avoid crashing into theirs. In case you get eliminated by a certain opponent, all your progress will be gone, and you must restart the game from scratch. Therefore, try to keep yourself alive for as long as possible so you can have a chance to reach the top and rule the arena. Hope you have a wonderful time playing 2 game in your browser!

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