How to play: Use arrow keys or WASD to move around the map to capture space.

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Your main objective in is to build up the biggest territory! This is another Splix Style IO game that promises to keep you entertained. You can test your building ability again in the game as well as meet more opponents from around the world. When the game is kicked off, you begin controlling a paper-shaped character around the map to capture space and quickly get it back to your main base to expand the territory before somebody crashes into your tail. You’d better keep your tail safe all the time, because if someone hits it, your game will be over. You can hide your tail by moving through your big territory, the enemies won’t be able to see it if you do that, which is also a nice strategy you should follow. You can attempt to run into their tails, kill them then capture their space. Will your territory be expanded to the max? Play it now!

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