How to play: Use WASD for the movement, the spacebar to shoot, the number keys 1-4 to choose a weapon, key Q for jumping, key E to perform a diagonal jump, keys ZXCV to choose a blueprint, key Shift for auto move, key R to reset or clear the move, key M for the map and key N for the options menu. 

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About Pixeledo


Pixeledo unblocked puts you in a new battle royale match where you must take your turns to fight off your opponents and wicked monsters. Have your skills ready for this battle then see how long it takes you to win. Your mission is to aim and shoot down all enemies in your way while preventing them from harming you. Take your turns wisely, perform special moves as well as make use of your strong weapons to dish out a huge amount of damage to other players. Killing enemies is important but that doesn’t mean you let your guard down. Be sure to pay attention to your surroundings in Pixeldo online game and have your strategies ready all the time to cope with the dangers. Your strategies play a big role in gameplay, so attempt to use them to your advantage. Do you have what it takes to rule the arena and become the most feared player on the server? Throw yourself in Pixeledo game now!

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