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How to play: The left mouse button is used to direct the movement of your followers in the arena of the game.

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About Popular Wars.io

Popular Wars.io

Build a crowd of followers for yourself in Popular Wars.io online and help your crowd dominate the city! Much like Crow City.io and Hole.io, in this title, you need to perform your skills as well as use smart strategies to outplay the opponents with their crowds for your victory. Get ready for this popularity contest! You start as a single person but when you gobble up people in the city, you can gain more followers and gradually build a big crowd. This also allows you to increase your popularity. As soon as your popularity has grown enough, you can begin consuming your enemies and their followers. But still, you need to protect your crowd from being defeated by someone with bigger popularity than yours. You should develop your strategies to outsmart all of them, take their fans and keep your fans increasing through over time. The contest needs a hero! Your aim is to become that hero – a supreme leader who can rule everyone in the popularity contest in Popular Wars io game! Have fun with it!

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