How to play: Use the mouse to move the cell, shoot masses using W and divide the cell using the spacebar.

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What can you expect from unblocked – a game inspired by It can be said that free may not be as addictive and engaging as its predecessor, but it still worth trying for a new experience. In this game title, you will prowl around a huge map and try to eat as many foods dotted on the ground as possible to increase your size. Another way you can make your cell larger is to eat up the smaller enemy cells that can be around you. Try to scout for them and eat them quickly before they get away from you. There will be other cells that are larger than you. To cope with these ones, make sure you avoid staying close to them, or else you will get eaten. Focus on growing your food chain and defending yourself at the same time for a chance of reaching the top spot on the leaderboard. Play now!

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