How to play: The mouse is used for directing your shark in the game.

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Get ready for a nice confrontation with a bunch of sharks controlled by real players in – a unique and addictive Multiplayer iO game! You play as a hostile shark that needs to kill all enemies to grow up and get evolved. Follow the similar gameplay of other previous iO games, eating and surviving are the principal tasks that you have to fulfill. Swim around the ocean to get your foods, swallow them all as much as you can to get bigger and become stronger. However, you need to watch out the larger sharks around because they can eat you up and cause your game to come to be over instantly. You can only chase them back and eat them up once you’re way larger than them. Never stop growing up and try your best to get to the top of the scoreboard and lead the match. Play the game now and hope you have fun with it!

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