How to play: Move your character using WASD. Press the spacebar to jump, use Shift for using rocket boots, click the left mouse to shoot, the right mouse or C to aim, use F for using katana, use R to reload weapons, press E to change guns, use "~" to drop secondary weapon, use number keys 1-0 to use sticker emotes.

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About SideArms


SideArms unblocked is a shooting game taken in a futuristic world. Each player is armed with a gunbot that will go along with them in combat. You and your gunbot must be ready to fight against all enemies around you. Add more firepower to your gunbot, make use of your katana when you are in close combat, sharpen your rocket skills for awesome maneuvers and try to get through all obstacles in arenas. You have to become the best fighter with the best gunboat in this battle! Have fun with SideArms free shooting game!

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