How to play: Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Press B to enter the shop, the left mouse to use the chosen items, press E to collect an item on the floor and use G to drop items.

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About Slender.Io


Slender.Io online is a fun team-based io game about slender man and humans fighting one another. At the start, one player will be randomly chosen to be slender while the other players take on the role of humans. The mission for the humans is to go collect enough 8 pages before time is up while the slender man has to chase and catch all humans as well as stop them from finding the pages. The slender is able to catch the humans as well as creep them out. But for the humans, they can purchase items from the shop and use them to fight off the slender. You need to work together so you can beat the slender and bring victory to your team. unblocked is completely free to play in browsers, so join it anytime you want! You will have so much fun playing with many friends from around the world!

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