Slither Birds

How to play: Direct your snake bird around the map using the mouse, use the left mouse button to speed up.

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About Slither Birds

Slither Birds

Do you want to experience more Snake games? Then don’t be hesitant to jump into another Slither Style game called Slither Birds which combines and Angry Birds game. Rather than playing as a common snake, now, you become a snake bird moving around the map trying to collect multicolored eggs dispersed on the floor to increase your size. The size will get larger little by little as you gather more eggs. Then, you can utilize your body to surround the enemy snake birds and make them run into you. In addition, you will be able to give your snake bird a speed boost to bypass the enemies, cross their path, force them to hit your body, which wipes them out as well. Just make sure you won’t speed up too much, or else your size will be decreased. The final objective is to become the largest snake bird! Join it now!

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